Frequent Questions ?

Our prices are valid for one month and depend on the price of the materials, exchange rate and transportation costs. With any fluctuation to these parameters we will need to verify the price.

Vicbag works in partnership with several professional designers. If we receive the main graphic elements from your side (logo, text, photos …) we can create a customised design that will be invoiced separately.

Depending on your requirements, we can deliver the goods in full container loads (in boxes) or on pallets. You also have a possibility to manage the transportation yourself or take the responsibility for the goods after the customs clearence.

For each material that we offer, the number of colours required for printing will affect the cost of the bag. With the exception of bags with lamination the size of the printing surface will also affect the price.

We work with several factories throughout Europe: Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Italy, Netherlands and France.

We have several models stored in Europe which can help to meet with urgent demands for small quantities:
– Customised: PP Non Woven without film and Cotton (stored in Poland)
– Standard: PP Woven Shopping bags and Licensed bags (stored in France)

The standard delivery time varies between 10-12 weeks following the approval of the pre-production sample* (This can be reduced by air freight, which is much quicker although a more expensive option). We can also offer standard bags which we hold in stock in France and that can be ordered in smaller quantities (see next question).

* A Polypropylene Woven pre-production sample (and any other material with a lamination ie. PP Non-woven or R-pet) normally takes around 21 days to produce. All other pre-production samples will take between 7 and 10 days to produce.

All prices are calculated in accordance with your specifications (delivery terms, quantity, dimensions, printing…).