The tote bag, the indispensable reusable bag

The tote bag, the indispensable reusable bag

Its roots…

The tote bag was originally used by British postal workers[1] as they believed that this bag was more convenient to transport goods than the leather bag which was primarily used in the early 20th century. Not long after, the tote bag was discovered in the United States where it was used by newscasters and housekeepers.

Its function…

Nowadays, the tote bag has become an indispensable product in day-to-day life from both a practical and aesthetic perspective[2]. The tote bag is multi-purpose and allows a wide range of materials to fit inside. It can either be used for shopping, carry school materials or clothes. It is worn in addition to the handbag and is sometimes used to spread a company’s message. The flexible material of the tote bag enables the bag to be wrapped and slipped into a purse to consequently avoid clutter.

Environmentally responsible…

The effectiveness of the tote bag lies in the fact that the bag is reusable and washable, in contrast to plastic bags which easily damage and have a much shorter lifespan, making the tote bags considerably more ecological. The tote bags are made from textile and most notably from cotton which increases the resistance and durability of the bags. The biological cotton bag – ideal to preserve the environment – is one of our recommended bags and is the perfect and profitable substitute for plastic bags!

The tote bag, a fashionable product…

From an aesthetic and trend perspective, this bag has become a must-have accessory. The tote bag is equally worn and appreciated by women and men and fashion designers have capitalized on this growing popularity to spread their company’s message and create brand visibility. The tote bag can be fully personalized and retailers have become specialised in conveying their graphical or written brand message.

One thing is sure; the tote bag travels through time and the world!

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