May 2018

The tote bag, the indispensable reusable bag

Its roots… The tote bag was originally used by British postal workers[1] as they believed that this bag was more convenient to transport goods than the leather bag which was primarily used in the early 20th century. Not long after, the tote bag was discovered in the United States where it was used by newscasters and housekeepers. Its function… Nowadays, the tote bag has become an indispensable product in day-to-day life from both a practical and aesthetic perspective[2]. The tote bag is [...]

April 2017

How can I reduce my plastic footprint?

At the University of Miami recent studies predict that unless action is taken by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. So what can we do to turn over a new page and reduce the plastic pollution which is crippling our planet? Over the last decade many major cities like, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington and San Diego revealed that their main aim is to help to shrink their ‘plastic footprint’, in order to reduce [...]

March 2017

Vicbag Marocco

Vicbag opens a new office in Morocco

After opening an office in Belgium, the Vicbag Group continues to expand internationally with the opening of its 15th trade office in Morocco, its first office in Africa. Why choosing Morocco? First, it was the logical choice for Vicbag due to the fact it has enjoyed lasting partnerships with various large players within the local retail sector. As France, the distribution of disposable plastic bags has been banned since July 1st, 2016. Therefore, sales of reusable bags increased significantly there. In [...]